INCOGEN's LabrePort system is a web-based tool built specifically to manage biological samples. Whether the samples are stored in multiple buildings or just one freezer, LabrePort facilitates the inventory management of each biological agent, laboratory tube, and each action performed with the sample material.

Sample Details

Transaction Export

Agent Statistics


  • Web-based for easy installation, usage, and maintenance
  • Server-side relational database for all storage greatly facilitates back-ups, manual queries and edits
  • Tracks sample origin, quantity, composition, location, transactions, spot checks, and more
  • Built-in report generator assist with laboratory audits and general tracking needs
  • Portal-based system provides user-level configuration of the interface to display and organize data of interest
  • Permissions system allows restriction of data imports or changes
  • Multi-user support provides various levels of privileges
  • Intuitive and configurable search forms provide easy, efficient, and flexible methods to find data
  • Automated execution of algorithms for background data processing
  • Secure system with user authentication, SSL encryption, and/or network isolation

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