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Our Team - Multidisciplinary Collaborators.

Experience matters. INCOGEN introduced its consulting and turn-key services to the life science community more than 15 years ago and has since then provided unmatched customer satisfaction while meeting its customers' business and technology requirements. The broad technical base of our professionals ensures INCOGEN's ability to maximize and leverage your current technology investments during our mission to streamline your processes and to provide an integrated platform for your research.

The flow of information and access to data is critical to the success of your project. We understand that effective, system-level, knowledge management goes beyond simple 'data integration' and strive to provide you with the ability to correlate information on various levels to maximize the knowledge extracted from your raw data.

INCOGEN Professional Services represents the best choice for scientists looking to maximize their return on investment through increased productivity, reduced operational costs and a flexible and extensible research environment.

Our Strategy - Communicate. Customize. Execute.

An expert life science informatics professional will work with you and your staff to gather your requirements and then design and implement the proper infrastructure and environment for your needs. You will receive comprehensive requirement specification and design documentation that includes hardware configurations, schemas, user interfaces and experience, as well as a precise time line and cost of the entire project. At every step of the way, you will rest assured knowing what your money is paying for.

After the completion of the development phase, INCOGEN continues its involvement by training and mentoring you or your IT staff to independently operate the installed system. You may also choose to have the system hosted on one of INCOGEN's state-of-the-art computational servers and access it remotely over a secure connection.

INCOGEN provides unmatched customer satisfaction and return. Our professionals are proud of the very high percentage of customers who return to INCOGEN for their additional needs months or years after the initial project.

Our Experience - Your Return on Investment.

Engineering software systems from square one is always expensive. Over the last several years, INCOGEN developers have created an extensive library of modules that can be used to quickly and efficiently develop a solution that often costs significantly less than the equivalent in-house development. In addition to saving costs, outsourcing also greatly reduces development time, as compared to most in-house development. This allows scientists faster access to the software tools they need for their research. Our experience ensures a quality and longevity of work that few in-house development teams can match.

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