Beyond Personalized Medicine: Personalized Lifestyle

Healthy aging - one size does not fit all.  Read the provocative article by Dr. Sasinowski about the need for an integrative, preventive, and tailored approach that combines lifestyle and appropriate pharmaceutical intervention.  The article appeared in the Winter edition of American Academy of Anti Aging Medical News.  

Functional genomics identifies novel genes essential for renal cancer tumor cell proliferation and migration

These  findings, produced as part of our NIH-funded collaboration, reveal pathways that may be critical in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) tumorigenicity, and identifies novel candidate factors that could serve as targets for therapeutic intervention or diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers for patients with advanced ccRCC. Read the full article.

INCOGEN Completes NIH Funded BISTI Project

INCOGEN and its collaborators announced the completion of the five-year long clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) project.  This multidisciplinary project was funded by several National Cancer Institute Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and involved collaborations with the Mayo Clinic, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Johns Hopkins University.  It resulted in the development and refinement of bioinformatics analysis tools as well as several potential diagnostic and prognostic renal cancer markers.  

INCOGEN Celebrates 15 Years

Happy Birthday, INCOGEN!  We are truly fortunate to be able to celebrate fifteen amazing years of service to the biotechnology industry.  This incredible journey would not have been possible without our customers, collaborators, friends, and - of course - the best team in the world.  Thank you all for making it happen.  Read more about our humble beginnings here.  

INCOGEN Presents at BioPharma Asia and PepCon

INCOGEN CEO, Dr. Maciek Sasinowski, will present two invited talks at the BioPharma Asia conference in Singapore and the PepCon conference in Beijing, China. The presentations will describe recent progress of our NCI-funded renal cancer project conducted in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Johns Hopkins University.

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